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Happy Birthday BarreLOVE!

It is so important to take time to reflect, to remind yourself of goals once set that have now been achieved...

Or maybe the ones that you failed in, to reflect on your ‘why’, your mission and to be sure that where you are today is aligned with where you are going.

Today, I reflect on where I was a year ago, getting ready to embark fully on the mission that IS BarreLOVE. I prepared to listen and follow the prompting and vision that was placed on my heart, a promoting to step away from a job that I invested 7 ½ years in and go all-in to a passion that is without a doubt where I am supposed to be. I’m reminded of the fear that almost allowed me to fail before I ever gave myself the chance, the fear of “What if I actually succeed, then what?” or “What if I fail?” or “What if nobody comes to my classes?”

This same fear very much exists today, but what I have learned is that when you choose to truly live, you become a source of life. Life was never intended to only be about you and if you choose to give fear the power in your life and do not fully live a life you are called for, not only do you miss out, but the number of lives that could forever be changed by your saying YES would also be affected.

Well FEAR, I have succeeded as much as I have failed. I’ve had zero people show up for classes and 70 people show up for classes and it didn’t change the vision that was given to me, the mission I have been entrusted to see through. It didn’t allow me to make any of it about me. I’ve learned that we grow through people and projects and that you cannot have success without opposition. I remind myself that this is not about me and the moment I make it about me, I will lose everything that the BarreLOVE community stands for.

Today, take the time to fuel what you have been called to be. Look FEAR dead in the eyes and do not let it hold you back. Cheer others on in their successes. Show compassion in their failures and be a light in this world; a true, authentic, genuine loving light. Give others permission to live out their dreams, their gifts and who they have been called to be without picking them apart, comparing or judging. Watch what is birthed from the very act of pure LOVE!

Happy official ONE year BarreLOVE!

With LOVE,


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